Driving business with
passion and bring good
to others.

We want to strive for a sustainable and positive impact for our environment surround us, people, and nature through our business and together with our business partners, suppliers, and customers. From sourcing to delivering final goods.

We focus not only on our business profit and achievement. But with our existence, we want to make a difference to our surround, people, and nature.

We focus on humanity, caring, and sharing blessings to others needed. We established our independent charity club to support those in need and involves everyone in the company to make it happened.



As part of our commitment and responsibilities, we always prioritize human rights in everything we do. As we believe respecting human rights is the key to success for the company to approach people.

​It starts with our colleagues, employees, workers, suppliers and the people who surround us.

Through CSR, we share every week through supply to those needed, we ensure management system for work safety and ensure every employee health and well-being in work.


Nature is beautiful, it inspires us with many things, allows us to create innovation. We use sustainable products sourced from nature. To ensure we use ingredients wisely from nature, we engage any possible precautions to avoid any impact on environmental and neighboring communities
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