There are many reasons consumers have begun to switch to vegan diets. While the popularity of this trend is obvious in the rising worth of the vegan industry, consumers may have different reasons for making this diet change.

The 2019 Global Vegan Survey found that 68.1% of participants changed to a vegan diet to take a stand against the mistreatment of animals. They claimed ethics and concerns about animal welfare as their main reason for the diet change.

Of the participants polled, 17.4% claimed they switched their diet for health reasons. These participants may want to be more fit, manage chronic health conditions, or increase the number of fruits and vegetables they consume to stay healthy.

Based on that fact, With the rise of new sources of protein and healthier ingredients, experience becomes more important than ever to ensure the unique qualities and performance that drives consumer preference are present in your new products.

As a Flavors Manufacturer, we have lines of integrated flavor solutions which designed to perform in a range of protein bases while addressing the declaration challenges of cleaner and more transparent labeling. We enable you to create vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional meat and dairy based products in Savory, Sweet and Beverages without compromise.

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