Business Collaboration – 2017

2017, BénBérg Arôme and Holland Aromatics have signed a letter of intent for Joint Venture to further expand its business.

BénBérg Arôme and Holland Aromatics are established companies in the flavors and fragrances industries.
Both companies have shown a stable and profitable growth trajectory for many years and have gradually expanded their operations. They have grown from being a local into an international company with sales markets in different regions. Innovation and constant improvement make them flexible, fast, customer-oriented, with a passion in Flavors and Fragrances.

Now, both companies, are signing a letter of intent for a Joint Venture contract based on exclusivity in the Asia Pacific Market to combine strength, know-how, consumer insight, and flexibility to provide better service and focused for the medium-sized and larger companies. We are confident, we will be able to bring limitless possibilities to you.


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